Selin Grollmann

Selin Grollmann Selin Grollmann is a Ph.D. student and lecturer at the Department of Linguistics (ISW) at the University of Bern. As her Ph.D. project, she writes a grammar (including dictionary and texts) of Nachiring, an undocumented and highly endangered Kiranti language spoken in eastern Nepal. Nachiring is spoken by max. 100 people, the majority being above 60 years old. The degree of Nepalisation is extremely high and Nachiring children do not acquire the language anymore. Nachiring belongs to the Khambu group within Kiranti.

Selin Grollmann completed her M.A. in Historical Linguistics, General Linguistics and Sociolinguistics at the University of Bern in 2014. She wrote a sketch grammar of the Bjokapakha language (Tshangla branch, Trans-Himalayan) as her Master’s Thesis. An updated and extended version of the thesis is going to be published as “A Grammar of Bjokapakha” in the Brill series “Languages of the Greater Himalayan Region”. Her research on Bjokapakha has significantly contributed to a better understanding of the otherwise poorly documented Tshangla group and underpinned the internal diversity of the group.

Other projects in which Selin Grollmann is involved are the first grammatical description of Gongduk, a Trans-Himalayan language isolate spoken in the Monggar district of central Bhutan (together with Pascal Gerber and George van Driem) and the documentation and description of Lhokpu spoken in southwestern Bhutan (together with with Pascal Gerber, Gwendolyn Hyslop, Karma Tshering and George van Driem). Gongduk and Lhokpu both belong to the oldest ethnolinguistic layer of Bhutan and their phylogenetic position within the language family is of great interest for Trans-Himalayan historical linguistics. Gongduk (together with Black Mountain Mönpa) is one of the two languages of Bhutan exhibiting biactantial verbal agreement.

Selin Grollmann is a junior researcher of the Swiss team of PhoPhoNO (“Phonetics, Phonology and New Orthographies”), a collaborative project with ICU Tokyo funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. For PhoPhoNO, Selin Grollmann and her colleagues examine the phonology of Tamang (central Nepal) and works towards a new community-oriented orthography.

Within a project headed by Gwendolyn Hyslop on the reconstruction of the East Bodish languages, Selin Grollmann plans to do fieldwork and descriptive research on the hitherto undescribed Chali language of central Bhutan in the near future.

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