Selin Grollmann

Selin GrollmannSelin Grollmann completed her M.A. in Historical Linguistics, General Linguistics and Sociolinguistics at the University of Bern in 2014. She wrote a sketch grammar of the Bjokapakha language as her Master’s Thesis. Bjokapakha belongs to the Tshangla subgroup of the Trans-Himalayan language phylum. The language is spoken by approximately 1,500 people in southern Zh’ämgang district (Bjoka geo) in central Bhutan. Her research on Bjokapakha has significantly contributed to a better understanding of the otherwise poorly documented Tshangla group and underpinned the internal diversity of the group.

Selin Grollmann is currently conducting research on the internal variation and the phylogenetic position of Tshangla within Trans-Himalayan, as she simultaneously works towards the completion of a comprehensive grammatical description of the Bjokapakha language, which will include a comparative section about the Tshangla cluster.

Additionally, Selin Grollmann, together with Silvana Camenisch, George van Driem and Pascal Gerber, is engaged in the production of the first comprehensive grammatical account of Gongduk, a Trans-Himalayan language isolate spoken in the Monggar district of central Bhutan.