Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho

Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho completed his Master in Linguistics at North-Eastern Hill University at Shillong in the year 2012. Subsequently, he completed his M.Phil in Linguistics on the topic, ‘A Generative Approach to the Study of Poula Phonology’ in June, 2014. Now he is working to produce a grammatical description of the Poumai Naga language, known as Poula, a hitherto undocumented Tibeto-Burman language of northeastern India. His work will include documentation and analysis of the phonology, morphophonology, morphology, morphosyntax and syntax of Poula and also document a substantive portion of the Poula lexicon.

Poumai Naga language

Poula is spoken by approximately 144,500 people in Manipur and Nagaland in northeastern India.The literature available in Poula to date is limited to Bible translations and hymn books in an orthography in Roman script devised by the Bible Society of India. A proper description of Poula will provide accurate analytical documention of the language, enable the study of the typological characteristics of the language, and help the Poumai Naga community in their aspirations to further literacy development. This research will help determine the precise classification of Poula within Angami-Pochuri and even shed light on the phylogenetic position of the Angami-Pochuri subgroup as a whole within the Tibeto-Burman language family, also known as Trans-Himalayan.


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