Pascal Gerber

Pascal GerberPascal Gerber is Ph.D. student and lecturer at the linguistics institute (ISW) at Bern University. He is writing a comprehensive descriptive grammar of Mewahang, a Kiranti language spoken in the Arun valley in eastern Nepal, as his Ph.D. project. He gratuated from Bern University in 2016 in linguistics and sociolinguistics. His research interests include historical-comparative linguistics, its methods, achievements, problems and limits, and Trans-Himalayan languages, especially of Bhutan and Nepal. He is currently also working on the first description of the Gongduk language of central Bhutan (with George van Driem and Selin Grollmann) and is involved in the documentation and description of the Lhokpu language of southwestern Bhutan (with Gwendolyn Hyslop, Karma Tshering, George van Driem and Selin Grollmann).

Gerber, Pascal (2017). The Dene-Kusunda Hypothesis: A Critical Account. In: Man in India 7.1. 114–201.

Gerber, Pascal (2014). Gongduk phonology and a linguistic area in Eastern Bhutan. Talk held at the 20th Himalayan Languages Symposium, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 17 July.

Gerber, Pascal / Gerber, Tanja / Grollmann, Selin (2016). Links between Lhokpu and Kiranti: Some observations. Talk held at the Workshop on Kiranti Languages, Université Paris Diderot, Paris, 1 December.

Grollmann, Selin / Gerber, Pascal (2016). Lhokpu morphology: a first functional and comparative account. Talk held at the 22th Himalayan Languages Symposium, IIT, Guwahati, 9 June.